Williams Brothers Construction and Dannenbaum Engineering make unsolicited P3 bid to build part of the Grand Parkway as a toll road

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Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I would never go to a strip mall or shopping center if I had to drive on a toll road to do so. Why aren't strip mall developers pushing against toll roads? If I want to go to the arboretum shopping area, I'm already out at least $3 in gas. If I had to pay an extra $10 in tolls to get there, I wouldn't shop there, ever. Developers should be lobbying for efficient monorail or light rail instead. I'd be happy to pay $2 roundtrip to go to a pedestrian-friendly mall or area such as as the domain or downtown, and not have to deal with driving. Just because I don't have my car doesn't mean I won't shop. I'm more likely not to get a headache and stay longer to shop if I didn't drive to the mall. And I'll have more money to spend if I didn't pay a toll. Wake up developers. Lobby for rail and against tolls and increase your bottom line.