More on Ric Williamson's Death

"In your lifetime most existing roads will have tolls"
— Transportation Commissioner Ric Williamson 10/11/04

Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
TxDOT chairman Williamson dies

So Sad To See You Go...

Austin American Statesman: Williamson, who led Texas toll road push, dies at 55

Full of Crap Blog: Can't spell PRICK without RIC

MaxConcrete: Chief Toll Henchman Dies of Heart Attack

Burka Blog: Don't Blame Ric Williamson

Dallas News: "Highway to Hell" Tolls for "King of The Road"

A service has been scheduled for 3 p.m. Thursday at the Jerry Durant Auditorium at Weatherford High School, 2121 Bethel Road in Weatherford.

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Anonymous said...

God has a way of dealing with those who trample his people. Ric found out the hard way. Maybe Perry should repent before it's too late?

Sal Costello said...

I'd bet God had little to do with it.

Most folks don't eat the right food or stay active enough. That along with stress will increase your chances of an early death.

That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason Mr. W. had such apparently injurious stress is because he still had a shred of a conscience left and knew deep down inside that he had sold his soul to pushing the North American Union and dissolving the once great Constitutional republic of the USA and the once great state of Texas. In other words, he sold his soul to the new world order death and slavery system for all of mankind.

Anonymous said...

To all.........
I Commend Mr. Costello for having enough gutts and speak the truth!!

like they say in spanish
Esta es America,y al que no le guste pues que coma caca
(This is America, if you don't like it there is the door).
p.s. The other anons showed their (cheap) class by doing name calling.