Austin Chronicle Removes Muckraker Comment on Krusee

Think the Austin Chronicle is a trustworthy source for news from a progressive perspective?

Think again.

The Chronicle has supported double tax tolls from the beginning, and this week, I posted a comment on the latest crappy article they did on Rep. Mike Krusee "Finding Solutions". I just found out that the Chronicle deleted my comment! Feel free to comment, maybe they'll delete yours too!

Why would they do that? Well, last year I outed them for ethical challenges - to be more specific, one of their reporters, Mike Clark-Madison, had been working with a CTRMA toll road contractor, TateAustin, for over a year and continued to write pro toll articles - as if there was no conflict.

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Richard Reeves said...

Maybe one day things will improve, but for now, at least, the Austin Un-American Snakesman and the Austin Chronic-liar are not worthy of being used as bird cage liner!

Sal, your blog and all the other forms of alternative media will obsolete the Mainstream Media(MSM) with regard to real news. They can have the sports, Britney and Anna Nicole.

The MSM is losing what little credibility they have left, soon they'll be on the same racks with the Onion, The Star, and the Enquirer.

In the meantime, keep up the great work!