Gov. Perry, eager to be VP, says Bush never fiscal conservative

Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants the VEEP slot so bad that he is willing to throw his long-time pal and mentor President Bush under the bus.

The video was taken of Mr. 39% while he stumped in Iowa for Rudy Giuliani for president last week. Perry says that Bush failed to rein in spending increases as governor of Texas and 'has never ever been a fiscal conservative.'

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Anonymous said...

This joker is really in LA LA LAND if he thinks his punk ass has a snow-balls-chance-in-hell of ever becoming VP. I can't imagine that there would be ANY republican candidate dumb enough to choose him as a running mate. It would pretty much seal their fate as a LOSER. Based on the polls of the past several years, it's clear that the US is not going to elect another ultra right wing "good 'ole boy" from Texas again any time soon.