A Big thank you to B, who's spent years archiving Freeway Toll and TTC news articles. Enjoy some of the best...Happy Holidays Fellow Citizens!

Tricky Rick's Archive Picks
--Big Money Paves the Way
--Perry's Patrons hit Paydirt
--'Under the Radar' Scheme
--Texans voted for the TTC?
--Cintra's Inside Man
--Big Time Blowback
--The Highwaymen
--Corporate welfare trough
--Railroaded to toll roads
--Rick's Way or the Highway
--TxDOT Cooks the Books
--The so-called 'moratorium'
--Guv loves eminent domain
--Hornswoggled Again
--Paving the Way for Profits

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it"
-- George Santayana

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Anonymous said...

Let's also give thanks to Perry for: ensuring the high home foreclosure rates in texas; permitting the insurance industry to double the cost of home insurance so that Texans pay the highest premiums in the nation; pushing for the "frivolous" medical malpractice constitutional amendment that was supposed to bring down the cost of health care insurance and related services, which currently are increasing again; doing nothing but providing lip service when it comes to protecting and caring for Texas children --- from providing them with health care to a quality public education. Perry has ALWAYS taken care of himself and his wealthy special interests! It's time now for the people of Texas to take back their government!!!

Peter Stern