Sen. Kirk Watson vs. Ric Williamson

TxDOT’s unelected Ric Williamson is at it again, pissing off elected leaders and citizens alike.

Yesterday’s Statesman article is a follow up of the story about Sen. Watson’s freak out letter to TxDOT a couple weeks ago. TxDOT, under Ric Williamson’s leadership, sent a response letter back to Watson. Except, the letter didn’t really answer any of Watson’s questions, and now Watson is more unhappy - that’s Ric Williamson modus operandi to a tee.

Watson’s original letter asked if TxDOT would still give CAMPO the gas tax dollars needed to subsidize the Austin freeway to toll way conversions, as TxDOT promised (and voted on by Sen. Watson and the other tollers last October).

Without that diversion of our gas tax dollars, the Austin freeway tolls are not financially feasible. And now, after the unpopular toll vote lead by Sen. Watson in Oct, Watson is starting to feel like he’s being played.

I wrote about why the whole freeway tolling planning process, from top to bottom is in turmoil, just a couple weeks ago.

Williamson has a long history of erratic behavior and making enemies in the Capitol and in Congress. The Dallas Morning News wrote about a bill that was created last year to remove holdover appointees, because of Williamson. Some might say Ric Williamonson has a sort of social retardation, I believe he has a chemical imbalance. Really. Here’s a guy that continues to rub legislators the wrong way, while his agency is up for Sunset Review!

Proof that the unelected Ric Williamson “ain’t right” in the head (or at least not doing the people’s business):

Watch this VIDEO of Williamson pissing off Sen. John Carona.

Williamson’s directive drives Congress “Into Tizzy” says Houston Chronicle.

Texas Homeland Security Director 2006 email to Assistant Attorney General says Williamson doesn’t know what he’s talking about. "This Ric guy is a piece of work. Full of off the wall projections and recommendations and yet does not know what his own agency is already doing."

Toll happy Williamson tells AAA Texas, "Pay your 15 cents a mile and get the heck out of my way."

Watch this VIDEO of Williamson pissing off Rep Harper Brown

Williamson so angry he refuses to shake mayor's hand.

"TxDOT leadership has begun to take on a very different and mean-spirited tone of late,” said Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkinsson "This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, especially coming from appointed officials who are unable to be held accountable by the public."

“I've worked with TxDOT very well, but not since Ric Williamson has been onboard the Commission and really not since Rick Perry has been Governor because they don't like input, they don't want comments that might be constructive to this process.” said Dallas County Commissioner, Kenneth Mayfield, 7/06

Williamson says he wants toll rates to be as high as possible, watch the video.

"State transportation officials have pushed San Antonio leaders, treated them rudely and ignored them,” said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff in 2005.

Williamson refuses to go to a Transportation summit, Rep. Linda Harper Brown responds, "It's unfortunate that one individual would act so childish, to boycott a summit that is so important to this state simply because of personal reasons."

Williamson doesn’t know his own toll plans. Transcript of Costello vs. Williamson in 2004.

“Highway extortion” “Unreasonable” said State Sen. Jon Lindsay, 1/07

Williamson continues to lie to the public and the press, claiming $2 to $3 gas tax increase would be needed if we didn’t toll, after a 2006 report from the Governor's Business Council (GBC) told legislators that only pennies a gallon would be needed.

Under Williamson's leadership, the Auditor found TxDOT inflating it's needs by tens of Billions of dollars HERE and video HERE.

Search 'Ric Williamson' in TTC News Archives HERE
Ok, so maybe you don’t think he’s crazier than a shit house rat. But let me ask you this simple question. How can Ric Williamson be working on behalf of Texans, when so many Texans are unhappy with what he is doing and how he is doing it?

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pstern said...

In addition, Ric continues to annoy the hell out of the Senate Committee on Transportation, specifically Chair John Carona, yet the committee has done little to rein-in either Williamson or runaway TxDOT!

The AG and DA won't do anything re: TxDOT either.

In fact, it seems that no one wants to assume their constitutional responsibility to ensure that TxDOT is working for the community good, which of course it is NOT!

So now, everyone has deferred responsibility to the Sunset Advisory Commission, which is just another Perry-appointed renegade agency that really should be dismantled along with TxDOT.

Until Texans bang on legislative doors until they are truly answered, and until voters get rid of ALL the wealthy special interest vermin and/or deadwood elected officials, we all are doomed to remain at the mercy of the profiteers!

Wake-up, Texans!!!

"Remember the Alamo!!!"