Sunset Commission Asks For Suggestions To Fix TxDOT

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Anonymous said...

Is the Sunset Commission seriously considering changes to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) or is this merely another placebo, a sugar-coated placation going nowhere and doing nothing?

Is something finally going to be done about TxDOT operations?

Don't count on it!

During the past 6 years or so the Sunset Commission has become yet another "long arm" of Gov. Rick Perry and Corporate special interests.

Instead of doing what it was designed to do, the Commission has NOT altered the way most government agencies do business. Honestly, if it had been doing its job the Commission would NOT be asking the public at this late date to tell it what is wrong with TxDOT and how it should be fixed.

If the Commission did what it's designed to do, TxDOT already would have been changed to make it more community friendly and more accountable to Texas taxpayers!

Despite the current nature of the Sunset Commission and whether or not it is serious about changing TxDOT, the public must respond to the process and complete the attached ASAP and return the form to the Sunset Commission at the address noted below.