BREAKING NEWS: Ric Williamson, The Most Hated Man In Texas, Dead

Ric Williamson, Texas Transportation Commission Chairman, "died overnight of a major heart attack" according to Paul Burka's Texas Monthly blog. Williamson was 55.

About 7 months ago, the Statesman did a report that included Burka's thoughts of Williamson, and how his TxDOT work was hard on his health:

"Burka described Williamson as the most hated man in Texas because of his devotion to the corridor.

But the longtime political columnist also wrote that Williamson is one of the most inventive minds in Texas politics, though one with a personality so prickly it courts enemies. In the interview,
Williamson said his six years on the commission have been hard on his health.

He said he's had two heart attacks since joining the commission, "and I'm trying to avoid the third one, which the doctors tell me will be fatal."

A Texas Monthly article this summer called him “the most hated person in Texas, public enemy number one to a million or more people.”

Ric Williamson, a Gov. Perry appointee, has been the leading force at TxDOT to push tolls on roads we've already paid for, as well as the TTC land grab schemes - for many years. Many elected leaders have had major problems with Williamson's shocking behavior - see many examples here.


How will Williamson's death effect freeway tolls and the TTC?
We'll see. Some have suggested Krusee would take his place. But, I don't think Perry would appoint Krusee. Mike Krusee lacks a college degree, the basic intellect, political savviness, and any gravitas whatsoever for the position.

How do I feel about Williamson's death? I feel for his family. A death in anyone's family is always very difficult. But sadly, and to be honest, the rest of our families will be better off without Ric Williamson leading the charge to place the highest toll rate possible on our freeways.


Melissa Zamora said...

How will Williamson's dirt nap effect freeway tolls and the TTC?

Crass choice of words dontcha think?

The man hasn't even been buried yet. Leaders demonstrate a sense of compassion even for their enemies in times of death.

Sal Costello said...


You are 100% correct. Thank you.

I've made that right AND I've added my thoughts on what folks are naturally thinking about Mike Krusee sliding into that position.


Anonymous said...

A death is always an unfortunate event, especially for the family.

But as you say, Texas will be better off. He simply cannot be replaced in terms of his toll henchman credentials, take-no-prisoners approach, iron fist when dealing with localities, ability to poison the political climate, and overall vigor in pursuing the toll agenda. There is no one else like him, as the rest of Perry's appointees to the Transportation Commission maintain a much lower profile.

Hopefully the legislature will look out for the public when it comes time to confirm Williamson's replacement.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ric Williamson is dead. Unbelievable.

That was one stubborn and cranky dude.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous and hyprocritical to get smarmy about one's enemy when they die; nothing wrong with telling the truth with dignity. Thanks for doing that.

But it's probably beyond innocent to think that Perry will replace him with anything better. Unfortunately, there's more where he came from!

Anonymous said...

But it's probably beyond innocent to think that Perry will replace him with anything better. Unfortunately, there's more where he came from!

1:39 AM, December 31, 2007

otro (another) anon...
THEN lets replace Perry!!!!