Muckraker Video's Seen by Over 100,000 on YouTube!

A little over a year ago I began placing toll road corruption video's on YouTube
- to help educate the press and the public, in a cost efficient manner. Some of the video's are created by my organization (the cartoons like "The Circle of Payolla"), others are direct press reports and some are pulled from public video recordings.

It's interesting how the video's get around...bloggers post the video's, the press sees the corruption with their own eyes, and regular folks pass them on...

You might not think 100k is a lot, but just 1 view by 1 reporter can help better educate tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of voters.

To date the YouTube account shows over 106,000 video views! Here are some of my favorites:

Sen. Watson's toll hearing Set up to Squelch Free Speech

KXAN EXCLUSIVE Exposes TxTAG Double Charges

The Circle of Payolla -
(over 10,000 views!) stars many Central Texas tollers

Toll Authority Execs Raise Toll Rates Then Party in Vienna!

CNN reports on Texas Tolls and TTC Protest at Capitol 3/2/07

TxDOT NOT interested in keeping toll costs down.

KXAN's Perfect Report on Double Tax Tolls!

TxDOT Arrogance Displayed at House Hearing

Gov. Rick Perry stars as Mr. 39%!

Texas Gov. Rick Perry stars in land grab cartoon!

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