Sen. Hutchison Passes One Year Texas Tolling Moratorium of Federal Highways


Richard Reeves said...

Unfortunately, it won't help us much here in Austin. Ancient politician secret.....bury the details:
"Efforts to toll newly constructed lanes or new highways would not be prohibited in Sen. Hutchison’s amendment that passed the Senate, or in S. 2019 or H.R. 3510."

At least it does protect us to a certain degree, as well as advance our issue.

Sal Costello said...


And, it's only for federal highways. Months ago her press release was inaccurate and said "highways", and I pointed that out here on this blog and hith her office...today they say "federal highways" (which is correct).

I posted the link since it shows our work IS making a difference on many levels - even the federal govt knows we have been pitching a fit for 3 + years. This 1 year limited freeze is just one more sign that we are making progress.

Remember in 2004, when they first voted on Phase II freeway tolls? They said it was a done deal.

Liars and Crooks, they are.

Sen. Watson can bite it - xmas style.

: )