Gerald Daugherty's Democratic Opponent Revealed

Just a couple days ago I wrote about the "Sleazy Six" and Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty HERE (Voted to toll existing public highways).

Karen Huber, a citizen activist who has been working on growth related issues in SW Central Texas for years, just filed as a Democratic candidate to oppose Gerald Daugherty for Precinct Three.

I just spoke with Karen on the phone.

She's retired, and over the months has been "drafted" by many individuals and community groups that have been tired of the total lack of representation Daugherty has provided. Karen has a business and economic background.

Karen told me she opposes tolling existing roads, the opposite of how Daugherty voted in 2005 and this last October (2007). Google shows that last month, Karen wrote this Op-Ed about a public safety issue - TxDOT's plan to change Texas roadways into Las Vegas like signage displays with LED billboards.

I remember some months ago, when an article in the Statesman came out about all the accidents and traffic congestion on 71 West. Just days latter, another Statesman article was released that told of, Commissioner Gerald Daugherty's vote - to allow hundreds of homes to be built off the same dangerous road. That vote underlines how irresponsible Gerald Daugherty really is - to place developer profits ahead of our families lives. I brought that story up with my conversation with Karen Huber, and she said that just one of many examples of why she's running.

Karen has strong initial support and plans on raising the money needed to defeat Daugherty. You know a candidate is serious, and will have a viable candidacy when they hire David Butts, known as one of the best political consultants in Central Texas today - which she already has. I’ve also heard that Alberto Gonzales might also be running as a Democrat, but as far as I know, he's not yet filed.

Look for a Statesman article this weekend about this race. I'm still waiting for someone to run against Gerald as an "R", to hound him at community candidate forums about his irresponsible votes.


Anonymous said...

Gerald is a stubborn old mule of a fool. It's made worse by his "Hee-Haw" slang ("better than getting poked in the eye with a stick" is one example of the inane things he says)

He's got to go for dozens of his poor judgement votes - especially his vote to toll our freeways, as part of CAMPO.

Why can't any of these politicians just represent the majority opinion?
I that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

The only "majority opinion" these clowns go along with, is that of their other politician and special-interest booty buddies. These idiots only "act" like they will represent the people when they run for election. Once into 'the circle', they no longer care. CAMPO is the PERFECT example of that, especially that lying witch Sarah Eckhardt!!

Anonymous said...

The entire Travis County Commissioners Court is a very disgusting work-against-the-citizens body.

I wish someone would put in writing and over and over again in various media venues exactly how Daugherty has behaved and voted over the years on various issues.

He has a record of strong theatrics. He claims to be really really wanting information about all aspects of an issue. He acts like he is really going to study all sides of an issue and be fair and reasonable. He has gone through those antics rather elaborately on many major issues, but in the end he always votes against the citizenry.

I think anyone who has even superficialy followed his performance on just a few issues has to see this dismal pattern.

I would prefer candidates who have some kind of proven track record and voting record and activism record working agains the toll roads. I do not see anyone like that on the horizon.

And that poor Mr. Gonzales. With a name that is the same of Alberto "I love torture" Gonzales, our recently resigned and disgraced U.S. Attorney General, publicitywise, he has a large handicap to overcome