Commissioner Places Profits Over Our Families Safety

I think I heard Austin Powers say,
"That ain't someone's gran-ma.
It's a double taxing MAN, baby!"

Today's article in the Statesman reports Travis County Commissioner and CAMPO board member Gerald Daugherty (above) voted to approve the development of 1,500 homes in the hill country. The kicker is - it's on a stretch of highway (71W) that everyone agrees is an already overburdened and a very dangerous road. This vote proves that Commish Gerald Daugherty cares more about his contributors profits, than the safety of our families.

But don't take my word for it, Commissioner Ron Davis had the common sense to vote 'no' and according to the statesman article today, said that:
"the county should turn down the subdivision because it presents a general threat to the safety and welfare of people living in southwestern Travis County."
Daugherty showed up late to the public hearing at Covington School last night to rub elbows with his special interest toll road profiteers - which always include greedy developers/real estate fat cats.

Daugherty has not only pushed for and voted for tolling Austin roads we've already paid for in 2005, but, after a citizens group was formed, called Fix290 (that presented a smart, very popular non-tolled parkway concept for the "Y" in Oak Hill - that costs less and does more than TxDOT's double decker magical money machine), Daugherty helped usher in a pro-toll group that masquerades as a grassroots group called Consensus290 to push for tolls. Take on Traffic is yet another toll lobby group - most probably the same cast of greedy characters.

Gerald Daugherty must be REMOVED in 2008. And, that's what I do best. If there's a viable opponent that signs up to run by the deadline in January - we'll be there with bells on.

Examples of oversized postcards, as part of our campaign programs
we’ve used, to remove stubborn incumbents. Yup, we get tollers fired!

We've got a proven recipe that removes these double tax tollers. We let voters know who voted to toll our public highways, and the incumbent is removed like a bad stain. We've already removed CAMPO tollers - such as CAMPO vice chair (Dwight Thompson) and Commish Karen Sonleitner and others.

Who else must be removed in 2008? That and real jaw dropping, bunkerbusting news will be revealed right here - on this blog very soon.

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Anonymous said...

For 2008's election, it would be nice if there were postcards like these for each and every one of the CAMPO members that voted for tolls. They must be voted out!

Anonymous said...

I have driven the new toll from Austin to Georgetown and it is not in that good of shape in a couple of places. Why is a new highway permitted to get in that shape.

If they are going to be private then is the tax on gas going to go down since it will not be going for highways.

You know we were all told the Lottery was going to take care of our schools and that was a lie so what are we to beleive now?


Anonymous said...

This toll road proposal is disgusting, disingenuous and corrupt at the core of the arguement for it.

Having lived in Orlando, which I consider a toll road HELL. It did not alleviate traffic, it created traffic jams by the toll booth backing up traffic into the through lane causing traffic jams.

I spent the whole time fishing for dollars and quarter any time I wanted to drive anywhere. Only an east coast asshole would think this is a good idea. I think this is simply an excuse to inflate salary for the people involved with these schemes, the city and state love it because they get to ignore fiduciary responsibility.

..it is simply a Machievellian scheme to pick the pockets of people and delay responsibility and if you could fast forward to the future all the supposed benefits will never materialize and only strain the cost of living.

Kathryn said...

As a taxpayer and a citizen of Austin, I am angry over the proposed toll roads in Austin and around Texas. I am usually not involved in politics but will make it my mission to get all campo board members removed from office. The toll roads proposed in Phase II have me angry enough to be involoved.

Just vote "NO".

I do not own a tag for the toll roads currently in place and I refuse to buy one. I think it is criminal to take over existing freeways and criminal to force drivers to the frontage roads to avoid paying tolls. We already pay lots of money in taxes for roads, and it is against the Constitution of the United States for me to pay tolls to drive on roads that I already pay taxes for. I want every Campo board member to vote "NO" to all toll roads.

Sincerely a concerned citizen,