Letter from Gayle to the Crooks

CAMPO board,

I live on what used to be RM 620 which has been turned into the 45 toll road. I found out just today that the toll company left one narrow lane in each direction that they could call RM 620. Funny, but when I moved here 30 years ago, RM 620 was a narrow two lane road and now it's come full circle! Somehow, I don't think that qualifies as progress!! The real RM 620 has been turned into a toll road.

There are a lot of registered voters that are on to what you are doing, scamming the public. I for one will be sure to campaign and vote for your opponents in the next election if more toll roads are brought to Austin!

I especially dislike your attempts to make all the roads going to the airport toll roads. Do you really think the citizens of central Texas are that stupid?
Some of them probably are too stupid to notice, but there are plenty of us who aren't, and we are the ones who vote!!


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