"A sin tax on driving in Texas."


Anonymous said...

Wow. When they say they earmark the tax funds for other projects, you almost skip right over it. Sounds like something government should be doing, doesn't it. Now if they said they misappropriate it, or they steal it, they would be telling the truth. If the gas tax is no longer working, why not fix the gas tax? Does no one in government have the creativity required to say "If 20 cents per gallon was X% of our needs when the law was passed, let's change the tax to a new value of X to cover our needs now, accounting for inflation and increased wear"? You might say "They don't want to raise taxes". They do that all the time! It's their job. Maybe we need smarter people in office, I don't know.

Richard said...

Not smarter people... just some that aren't spineless jellyfish. There have been proposed hikes to the gas tax over the years and they usually die a quick death. No one in the leg has the guts to go back to their district and try to explain why they voted for it.