Tollers/Leeches sink in the Hooks

Dear Sal Costello,

I am sending this email because I just found out that the TX Tag will be charging a fee of $9.65 per tag in addition to paying for using the toll way. I just received a letter indicating this is coming so I called and spoke to a customer service person who told me that we are going to be charged for utilizing the tag. I told them that no one said anything about fee or else we would have thought twice about getting one.

Of course I was so upset that I told her that no one told us up front about the charge and she urged and said it was on the booklet I received and it was up to me to read it. Needless to say, I was upset with how these people want to suck you dry by nickel and dime you to death. We already spend around $60 dollars a month on toll fees in order to avoid traffic and to get around Austin without having to spend a great deal of gas especially it being so expensive.

I went looking in the internet to submit a complaint for the consumers of Texas that it is totally unacceptable. It is bad enough that we are paying twice for utilizing freeways - once from taxes that went to improve the roads and continue to expand for the greater good of transportation for the people in Austin . Now having to pay to utilize this road is getting pretty bad.

This is one voter that plans to see who is really representing us.



Anonymous said...

the fee for the tag is being waived now, and will continue to be waived for a while, it says so right on their website. and even though the customer sales rep was dumb, which is obvioulsy a problem, they're not going to go back and charge people who already have tags, so you might as well get them while they're free!

Sal Costello said...

Free my ass. Tolls always cost more.

They'll have to pry the money from my cold dead hand.