Another CAMPO Toller down!!! CONGRATS!!!

How we changed CAMPO.

Sorry this update is late, my wife had surgery on Wednesday morning.

Congrats to our endorsed Elizabeth "Liz" Sumter! She beat Toller Judge Jim Powers from Hays County, who voted to toll roads we've already paid for as a member of CAMPO.

That is one more CAMPO Toller down for the good guys!

Hopefully Elizabeth will take the CAMPO seat, and join others who have promised (in writing) to vote NO on Phase II Tolls - such as Sarah Eckhardt (to replace Toller Karen Sonleitner), Donna Howard, Jennifer Kim (replaced Toller Danny Thomas), Betty Dunkerley and Valinda Bolton.

The CAMPO Phase II freeway toll vote is coming up again real soon. Phase II tolls permanently shift our public expressways to tollways (right of way we've funded with tax dollars and at times tax funded construction). Phase II tolls we've killed to date:
• MOPAC at Wm Cannon (The $8 Million dollar bridge is now free!)
• 360 in West Austin
We also received 2 year postponements for 183 & 71 in East Austin 2 years ago.

CAMPO meets on the second Monday of every month. The next meeting is November 13th and Vince May is concerned there are some tricks a few hardcore tollers are trying to get away with Monday Night. Read Vince's letter HERE. Please try to attend.

Those who have said no to Phase II freeway tolls from the start (since 2004) are: Elliot Naishtat and Eddie Rodriguez. Thank you Elliot & Eddie for working to stop the DOUBLE TAX!

Brewster McCracken and Mark Strama voted to toll roads we've already paid for in 2005, but they might be positioning themselves to vote no on Phase II, as they have been part of the Review. These dangerously slick politicians have been outspoken against the freeway tolls, even though they voted for it.

Toller Gonzalo Barrientos will be replaced by Kirk Watson (who has, for many months, refused to answer any questions about how he might vote for freeway tolls). Toller Dwight Thompson, mayor of Westlake Hills, was replaced by Mark Urdahl, who we helped become Mayor, but Allaince of Cities pulled a fast one and put in Buda Mayor, John Trube (I assume he'll follow the group vote).

See the latest CAMPO Board list before some of the changes HERE.

See our Good and Bad egg CAMPO list HERE.

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