Williamson County Can't Count. Or Worse.

6,000+ phantom votes
in Williamson County

Taylor Daily News reports about 84,500 people voted in Williamson County,
but the computer software program recorded more than 91,000 votes. Officials claim all is well, and the 6,000+ phantom votes won't affect the results of the Nov. 7 election.

Who needs a paper audit trail?
Let's just wing it and trust all parties involved as they scheme behind the e-machine curtain. I think that 'accountability' thing is overrated anyway. Right?

UPDATE 4:40pm

Williamson County elections
administrator resigns!

Amid hard questions about the 6,000+ phantom votes in the Williamson County elections, Elections Administrator Debra Stacy resigned today with a one-sentence e-mail.

Earlier today, they claimed the vote percentages would stay the same. It is now possible the outcome of the election will be affected as votes will somehow be 'recounted'. Does this smell fishy to you?

Secretary of States Office numbers earlier this week:
Mike Krusee       19,947  50.19%
Karen Felthauser 17,703 44.54%
Lillian Simmons LIB 2,092 5.26%
Williamson County shows these numbers with Krusee
below 50% as 'unofficial' (they could change again):
Mike Krusee (REP)  16,891  49.73%
Karen Felthauser (DEM) 15,227 44.83%
Lillian Simmons (LIB) 1,846 5.44%
Eye on Wilco has more of the story with some history.

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