The ripples we’ve made are larger than you may think.

Mr. 39%
Otherwise known as Gov. Rick Perry

I know it is disappointing that Strayhorn didn’t win.

But, I need to remind myself, it’s not about our candidates, it’s about our issues. And, our issues are finally in prime time, or what you might call bona fide statewide issues thanks to Carole Keeton Strayhorn. The time for statewide debate has just begun, as many Texans have just begun to be educated.


We've made tons of progress over the last 2.5 years. We are fortunate to have such a great friend in Carole Strayhorn. Carole has helped us add to that long list of accomplishments.

Carole took our TTC and 'tolls on roads we’ve already paid for' issues and began to educate Texans for the first time ever just weeks ago. Perry and his cohorts didn’t allow us to vote on these issues and they've kept the facts away from the public. Carole made our issues her issues and thankfully Bell and Kinky followed her lead. Carole went to dozens of the TTC hearings an made them events, and the media just recently began to describe the TTC land grab. The TTC is also part of the NAFTA Superhighway, and that is just becoming a national debate. Carole spent millions of her war chest spreading our word.


Carole led the way, it’s our turn to step up and do our part to save Texas.


Only 39 out of 100 voters wanted Perry back in office. This election was the beginning of the end for Mr. Perry, and his band of looters. Think about it - 61 out of 100 voters wanted Perry fired! That ain’t no mandate, that's the lamest duck ever.

The press, such as the Austin American Statesman, who endorsed the double tax tolls and the TTC and Rick Perry, fail to report the real news...

Mr. Perry’s errand boy in the house, Dist 52’s Mike Krusee saw the writing on the wall this week with his election. Krusee created the Perry bills that steal our roads and our land. Just weeks ago, the Statesman reported this Krusee statement. "Toll roads are enormously popular."
Krusee R 50.19
Felthauser D 44.54
Simmons I 5.26

Yet, Krusee won by only 5 (Five) percentage points! Krusee spent 76k compared to Karen's 9k in what is considered a Republican dominated district - this is significant!

Krusee will most likely NOT run again, for fear of being beaten by a candidate with some money in either his primary or the general election in 2008.

Krusee's reports show he invested plenty of time and his PAC money into his campaign. He also worked hard to collect more contributions from the road and toll lobby. According to his reports, Krusee purchased consulting services, produced signage and sent out direct mail, which was far and above what Karen could afford. He also sponsored the Republican Part Grand Old Picnic.


Before the election, Perry was being discussed as a possible Vice Presidential nominee. It’s unlikely any Presidential nominee would want to be tethered to Mr. 39%. Perry is also in serious trouble with any future election.


Elected officials know a hot topic when they see it. The TTC and Freeway Tolls are now a very hot topic. Politicos don’t like issues they can get hung with in the next election. It is likely that we will see legislation changes to our benefit in the coming session. We all need to work together to make sure that happens. Begin to meet and talk with your representatives about these issue now. Tell your representatives that you are part of a larger group of Texans that are seeking to remove land and road thieves, if they don’t get on board with the coming legislation.

In the meantime, send me (sal@TexasTollParty.com) to get on our formal list to push future specific legislation at the capitol. And, keep sending in those letters to your local editor.

Our issue, is now a statewide issue that most candidates will continue to carry. Even Todd Staples, who voted for TTC legislation as Senate Transportation chair, is now magiclly against the TTC as it stands today.

There are other very big events that could take place soon, as the seeds have been planted months ago. Many I cannot discuss. Stay tuned to this blog to be part of an efficient way to take back Texas.

The ripples we’ve made in this lake are larger than you may think. We’ve just begun.


Richard Reeves said...


Great analysis!

We've come along way and we're definitely shaking things up.

A quick comparison between the numbers in the Hutchison(61.68%) and Radnofsky(36.05) race and the Governor's race with Perry at 39.02% and Bell with 29.8% clearly illustrate that a 31% minority is ready to DUMP the establishment.

That 31%(that is mad as hell and won't take it anymore) is not going away and, in fact, will continue to grow.

The 31% may not be able to get someone elected outright, but where that 31% aligns in any particular future race can definitely make the difference between winning and losing.

Also in the Governor's race, September and October polls were showing a possible combined 3rd party voter turnout of 45% to 50%. It appears to Perry's credit that clever and unceasing advertising targeting Bell actually may have "spooked" that additional 15 to 20% back into the respective two party camps.

When it's all boiled down, it's my conclusion that we are right on the edge of a voters' revolution and that revolution may only be a 2 year election cycle away!

Thanks for all the hard work to TexasTollParty.com friends and to you, Sal.

Richard Reeves

Sal Costello said...


The fact that the house transportation
chair Krusee spent 76k compared to
Felthouser's 9k, and only won by 5
points, in what is considered a Republican
dominated district is significant.

His unpopularity has grown more than
I expected since his primary challenge
earlier this year.

Krusee's reports show he invested time and
his PAC money into his campaign. He also
worked hard to collect more contributions
from the road and toll lobby.
According to his reports, Krusee purchased
consulting services, produced signage and
sent out direct mail, which was far and
above what Karen could afford. He also
sponsored the Republican Part Grand Old Picnic.

Sal Costello

Vigilantegal said...

Great analysis! Thank you for the uplift. I see now that our esteemed Governor is now wanting to push the amnesty and go back on the wall as well. Ties into the NAFTA Superhighway....

Count me in on all details. Congratulations on getting this front and center.

Leslie Wetzel

Vigilantegal said...

Hey Sal,
Great job on getting the goods on the robber barons out! You and David and Linda Stall.
Our esteemed Governor is selling out us Texans all right. Even gone back on the fence idea, and now saying it would be unfair to send the illegals home. Ties right into his NAFTA Superhighway plans....

Thanks also for the encouragement and assuming the leadership mantel.

Vigilante Gal