Kirk's CAMPO Keeps Crumbling

In Fact Daily
reports that CAMPO Executive Director Michael Aulick notified CAMPO Chair Kirk Watson on Friday of his intent to resign as of January 15, the day after the CAMPO Transportation Policy Board’s next meeting (the December 10 CAMPO meeting has been cancelled). See the 2005 letter I sent to CAMPO, asking Aulick to be fired in the link above.

KXAN's recent report on CAMPO's lack of accountability could have been one of the last straws for Aulick, as the agency has been under a harsh spotlight ever since the freeway tolls came up for a vote in 2004.

CAMPO continues to unravel with Aulick resigning and a number of CAMPO board members jumping ship (including the freeway to tollway converting architect himself - Rep. Mike Krusee).


I fully expect one of the most radical CAMPO changes in 2008... as the momentum of changes should continue. A lawsuit we filed in 2005 (as PET Inc.) will most probably remove Toller Sen. Kirk Watson, and we've got our eye on a number of races to further pluck freeway tollers from that CAMPO board.

More to come.

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Tye said...

I hope this is a sign of things to come. CAMPO needs a makeover in the worst way. When we have a government establishment that votes to toll existing highways despite cries and screams in opposition from the majority public, we have a system that is seriously flawed.

There is also something terribly wrong with a mid-sized town the size of Austin with a whopping 9 tollways (4 that just opened, 5 more proposed). These short-sighted CAMPO clowns want Austin to have more tollway miles than cities 5 times it's size. Isn't this "bad for business"?

By the way, how much does it cost to build overpasses atop existing stop-lights?? I would say that it's probably ALOT less than full on separated tolled lanes. Build overpasses on Hwy 71E, 71W, 183E, 290E, 290W, thus creating FREE expressways instead of more tollways with neverending TOLLS!!