What does it take - for someone to get FIRED around here?

Michael Aulcik, Executive Director of CAMPO

This letter was sent to all 23 CAMPO board members, and most local elected leaders in CAMPO's 3 counties.
Mr. Michael Aulcik,

As the Executive Director of CAMPO, isn't it your job to provide correct, unbiased information to CAMPO board members? Month after month, your numbers change, waffle and just are plain incorrect. This is a disservice to the tax payers of this region.

Monday night, at the last CAMPO meeting, you had a slide that compared dollars that would be received for Phase 2 toll roads vs. the same roads without tolls. AGAIN, THIS MONTH, YOUR INFORMATION WAS WRONG.

This time, at least to the tune of $161 Million dollars. In the non tolled category you specified "0?", instead of the proper $161 Million.

I attended the Texas Bond Review Board last month when they unanimously approved the Texas Mobility Fund dollars with a crystal clear statement that toll roads would not be a prerequisite to receive revenue from a $4 billion Texas Mobility Fund bond issuance. This is the Press release from over a month ago (5/5/05): http://www.window.state.tx.us/news/50505toll.html

Your fuzzy data is unacceptable. It causes people to wonder why your numbers are biased and your mistakes always err on the side of the tolls. The citizens of Central Texas deserve a neutral CAMPO Executive Director, not one that tells the media the tolls are only new capacity, without the important fact that these roads are already funded with our gas tax dollars.

Shame on you.

Sal Costello

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