Hearing Update 4:15pm

I just got back from the Hearing. The judge did not dismiss the case as WILLIAM "Buddie" STEELE III, the Locke, Liddell & Sapp attorney for the CTRMA requested. The judge said she'd come back with an answer by the 8th of July.

I don't know what attorney school WILLIAM "Buddie" STEELE III went to, but this zany guy actually tried to persuade the judge to dismiss the case based on the Central Texas REGIONAL Mobility Authority NOT being a REGIONAL entity. That was rich! Thanks for the laugh Buddie! Your a peach.

Buddie Steele is the same funny attorney that claimed, in court three months ago, that we were "only taxpayers", and we didn't have the right to file the lawsuit in the first place. Buddie didn't tell the court that our tax dollars allowed the CTRMA to go in business. Gerald Daugherty, Bisco, Sonlietner as county commissioners, all voted to give them about $550,000 of our tax dollars as seed money. And, then of course, it's our tax dollars that are paying for the freeways that the CTRMA will try to toll us for.

BRIAN CASSIDY is the CTRMA attorney from Locke, Liddell & Sapp that handles the RMA's freedom of information requests. I don't know if he was in "the dog house" with Buddie or not, but, he wasn't sitting in the attorneys table. He sat in the audience seats. And, no, I don't think he was part of the "The Village People". Folks, you've got to come to these court hearings. It's truly entertaining.

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