Toll Lobby Exposed

Who is the GREEDY Toll Lobby?

Some say they just don't even exist. That they are just fiction.


Here is an example:
"The so-called toll road lobby we've heard so much about this cycle is mostly a fictional villain," said political consultant Mark Nathan, who helped Leffingwell and Dunkerley. "It's a political tactic designed to create the impression that there is some broad, insidious enemy network out there working to destroy our quality of life."
- 5/9/05 A.A.S.

Mark Nathan is a consultant that often works with Toll Lobby candidates and the Toll Lobby. Go figure.

The Toll Lobby is the reason our elected officials have ignored 93% of the public feedback that oppose the Double Taxation Toll plan. No city in the country has ever shifted it's freeways to tollways. It's never been done.

Learn the truth about the GREEDY Toll Lobby here: http://www.austintollparty.com/greedy_toll_lobby.php

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