TxDOT documents surface. Another Double Taxation freeway toll found!

Add one more freeway, that we've put hard earned tax payers dollars into, to the long list of double taxation tolled freeways. After almost a year of searching, TxDOT documents have finally surfaced from 1985 and 1997. They help illustrate a 8 year old TxDOT commitment to build 45 South.

The Travis County Commissioners Court put the Right of Way (ROW) purchase item for the South end of MOPAC extension on the November 1997 ballot. VOTERS APPROVED THE BOND ISSUE FOR 45S. Taxpayer dollars (local taxpayer bond funds) were used to purchase the ROW. It was up to TxDOT to build the road. TxDOT failed to do their part of the deal.

If they weren't committed to building the road back then, why did they have the taxpayers buy the ROW?

Based on this history, I think it is outrageous that they would put a toll on a ROW we've already paid for.

Strangely enough, CTRMA's Feasibility Study for 45 South shows $2.9 Million needed for ROW & Utilities. TxDOT hides the fact that the ROW is completed and paid for by taxpayers with three markings that say "n/a" (found in the ROW status sections of the study).

An interesting note: Karen Sonleitner and Samuel Bisco were Travis County Commissioners during this time period. AND, in all these years they failed to press TxDOT to build 45S. BUT, they voted to toll 45S even with the ROW that we already paid for.

See the minutes here for Commissioners Court on August 5, 1997 (Item #10): http://www.co.travis.tx.us/commissioners_court/minutes/1997/1997index.asp I have not seen the Commissioners Court meeting tape of August 5, 1997, but it might be of interest (Item #10).

We've got some real fun stuff coming up to stop the double taxation of our freeways. Hope to see you at our next meeting. Place this on your calendar now: Saturday, June 18th, 11 to 1, Austin History Center, 9th & Guadeloupe - Bring others - let's take our city back from the special interests! 371-9926

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