Newsweek dismisses NAFTA Superhighway as a conspiracy theory - TxDOT's Ric Williamson, a member of NASCO, says there's no such thing.


Anonymous said...

Newsweek is correct. The huge toll corridor IS a conspiracy by Rick "39-percent" Perry, Ric Williamson, Tom Craddick, Mike Krusee and many others --- but it's NOT a "theory" it is VERY real!

There's a lot of information "out there" in cyberspace for people who want to find the truth --- the REAL truth.

There are paper trails that cannot be hidden any longer --- they tried to hide them, but couldn't.


Anonymous said...

What business sense would it make to build a 1/4 mile wide Spanish-owned monopoly toll road from Mexico to barren endpoints in Texas, without touching the major cities? The trucks would drive from Mexico through nowhere Texas to nowhere Texas. Common sense proves, on this information alone, that Perry's super-catastrophe Trans-Texas corridor must extend beyond Texas to be useful. Just maybe, it would extend beyond Texas... EXACTLY as shown in this "conspiracy theory" map? Newsweek wake up! This is real, and Mexican trucks entering the US on a "pre-approved, no-search" basis is a gaping threat US national security. A Spanish-owned monopoly toll road built with American Tax dollars on land illegally and immorally obtained via emminent domain is a threat to national sovereignty and personal private property, Amero or not. Because this corridor involves such drastic government action, the process must be done in an open, honest manner, and involve a vote. Citizens stand up and demand a debate on this in the '08 elections. Encourage candidates to expose Giuliani for his involvement.

Anonymous said...

Newsweek and others are playing a semantics game, but if looks like dung, and it smells like dung, it probably is dung. The problem will be to keep from stepping in it.

They would like the people to think there is no "Union" its simply a "community" that will have its own money, government, and laws that bypass the money, government, and laws of the three major countries involved. Oh and by the way, private corporations will own all of it. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

Request for other bloggers: dig up some dirt on the '08 presidential candidates. Which ones are tollers and which are not?

roadtrip said...

Guliani definitely a TTC guy.