Cry Baby Commissioner Needs a Republican Opponent!

After citizens give tollers some cat calls for voting to toll our public highways, Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty storms out of the Feb 2005 CAMPO meeting.

Click the arrow above to view this priceless "Cry Baby Daugherty" moment. Just look at his face just before he slams his day planner down and shakes his head.

Daugherty is one of the "Sleazy Six".

A few years back, Gerald stormed out of a KVUE interview, when reporter Clara Tuma questioned Daugherty about his many liens for late tax payment; Daugherty told Tuma her report was "a hatchet job", and he walked out.

Daugherty has yet to get a Republican primary opponent.


Make my day - PLEASE consider running - hey, as a commish you get paid about $90,000 a year. You must live in the Precinct 3 district (see a map here). The deadline in Jan 2nd.

Sure, there are 2 Dems running, but two bites at the apple is better than one - right? (primary and general battles). Only 500 sigs allows YOU to oppose this clown as an R, without having to pay the $1,250 fee. Or oppose him as a Libertarian for NO cost and NO sigs!

Email me at sal@texastollparty.com to learn more.

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