Unclean Austin Chronicle.

The buck stops here.
Austin Chronicle founder and editor Louis Black

The direction of most newspapers is in the hands of the editors. But even if the editors are heavy handed with their opinions, the integrity and neutral nature of a good reporter can shine through.

It crosses ethical boundaries for a reporter to write about issues he profits from.

Mike Clark-Madison, has been working with TateAustin for over a year and continues to write for the Austin Chronicle as if there is no conflict.

Mike joined TateAustin after many months of writing curiously lopsided pro-toll news for the Chron.

Tate Austin is a Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Ad Agency with relationships with local special interests like CTRMA, LCRA, Grande Communications, Hart InterCivic and others who have benefited from closed government.

TateAustin has about 1 million dollars worth of contracts with the Toll Authority (CTRMA). State Rep. Terry Keel and Comptroller Strayhorn have confirmed that TateAustin is getting paid with our gas tax dollars to tell us how tolls on Austin roads we've already paid for are the best thing since sliced bread.

TateAustin represented and may still represent AMD. AMD is listed by name in Prop 2.

I don’t have a dog in the AMD fight. I do have an issue with special interests and the media not playing by the rules and tricking the public.

Last weeks campaign finance report for Committee For Austin’s Future (CFAF PAC), the special interest lobby Political Action Committee that is opposed to Prop 1 & 2, shows TateAustin gave an "in-kind" contribution of $7500 for video.


The special interests get more bang for their buck as TateAustin’s Mike Clark-Madison masquerades as an unbiased reporter for the Chron.

And, the charade goes further as the CFAF PAC brags via television commercials about how Austin Chronicle reporter Mike Clark-Madison says these props are “not open and not clean”.

Damn. This city needs an enema!

Last week, Mike Clark-Madison, as an employee of TateAustin wrote "Unclean Hands" opposing Props 1 & 2, while deriving personal gain from the same special interests who benefit from closed government. Too bad his “Unclean Hands” article wasn’t an expose on himself.

Also last week, the Chron's founder and editor, Louis Black wrote an article called "If you oppose these propositions, you must be on the take".

Sounds like he's got the title right.

Why can't those in incestuous business relationships realize they are crossing the line?

As one of the two top newspapers for a city of 1 million, the Austin Chronicle’s ties with the special interests further erodes the public trust.

We could use an alternative newspaper here in Austin.

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