Travis County Taxpayer$ Keep Paying MORE.

For two years the people of Travis County have been told, by the powers that be, that we must place toll booths on our freeways because there is no more money.

We've been told there is no other solution.

Yet a new TMMP report shows how, Williamson County, Hays County and San Marcos are taking advantage of a smart financing solution that will allow them to acquire hundreds of millions of dollars of "toll booth free" roads.

Travis County Commissioners (contact them today) should care enough for its taxpayers to look into the "pass through financing" immediately, otherwise we'll be the first city in the country to ever privatize and toll our public highways.

I believe the freeway toll tax on Travis County families and businesses will slow down our local economy, just as the toll booths will slow down our traffic.

19 cities and counties in Texas have applied for pass-thru financing to date.

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