Hoodwinked neighborhood? Or bought and paid for?

Hoodwinked neighborhood? Or bought and paid for?

Since I wrote the article about OHAN being Hoodwinked by the toll lobby (RECA) and other special interests last week, I've received a number of emails.

The emails suggest that OHAN was not hoodwinked, but instead bought and paid for, therefore selling out to the special interests who benefit from the Open Government amendment being defeated.

Most of the emails also mention that Stratus and AMD, who seek to keep secret deals a secret, are now members of OHAN (Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods).

This Sanity Island article from August of 2005 shines more light. Back then it was about OHAN pushing for AMD's new development:

"OHAN never bothered to check their facts, they just quoted what was handed to them by AMD. And now they compromise everything they claim to represent by accepting the very corporations into their membership that are causing the controversy."

Looks like OHAN is still on the same track. Just days ago OHAN had a one sided debate/presentation. So much for fairness for their members. The article also states:

"...shame on OHAN for not doing a better job of investigating the facts before jumping to conclusions."

And apparently, according to Sanity Island, OHAN started taking contributions from Stratus and AMD in 2005 as well.

As far as I know, OHAN doesn't file financial reports, so we wouldn't know if RECA or others who benefit from the secret deals have also given them money to toe the line.

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