Ocean of Red Ink: $10 Billion+

There is the ocean of red ink the toll lobby forgot to mention when they were scamming the public on CAMPO's freeway toll plan.

They managed to keep the implied costs hidden earlier, but now they are being forced to show their hand in CAMPO's freshly released Texas Metropolitan Mobility Plan. The funding gap of over $10 Billion is revealed in the CAMPO TMMP text below.


See page 40:

"... An estimated $10 billion more than is expected in the CAMPO 2030 Plan is needed to meet TMMP needs and goals. The region is working to maximize the effectiveness of traditional funding and secure the additional funding needed through available innovative mechanisms..."
The innovative mechanisms includes taking on more debt. The theft of our freeways is already in the financial mix. Privatizing and tolling public highways is a new experiment for the U.S.

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