GOOD NEWS - The CAMPO "Sleazy Six" Update!

Things are shaping up very nicely for us in 2008, so that we may alter the CAMPO board again, and stop more freeway tolls in Central Texas. We've got at least 2 years to continue to chip away at the double tax tolls, as we did from 2004 to 2007.

Already some of the key CAMPO tollers, two of "The Sleazy Six", are running away from their elections in 2008! That includes Rep. Mike Krusee and Mayor Nyle Maxwell - publicly saying they won't run again for their seats. I've also heard yet another one of the Sleazy Six, Mayor of Kyle Miguel Gonzales might not run. These shifts allow us to focus our resources like a laser beam. Two of the Sleazy Six need opponents to surface in the next couple weeks - Georgetown Mayor Gary L. Nelon and Cedar Park Mayor Bob Lemon.

I've heard from a couple sources that a very viable funded opponent has been seriously considering a general election run against another one of the "Sleazy Six" - County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, Republican (SW Quadrant of Central Texas). There is a good chance she'll file soon, as I've heard she's hired a professional to navigate.

It's likely that if she does decide to run, she'll be good for us. More to come on that later...

We are still waiting for someone to step up to run as a Republican, in the R primary against "The Oak Hill Toller" Daugherty.

Daugherty voted to toll our freeways who's running in 2008. The deadline to file is just weeks away. I've got a special place in my heart for Gerald, since he's my district representative. I want him fired, and so do many community groups who he's pissed off over the years.

Even someone to run that didn't have a campaign war chest could help soften him up for the general election in the fall, IF they went to all the community forums to expose his toll votes and his other irresponsible actions as a county commissioner.

Do you know anyone that is good at public speaking - knows the toll issue, and has considered, or might consider, running in the primary against this double tax freeway toller?

Many seeds have been planted over the years, months and even just days ago. 2008 will be a good year to kill freeway tolls. Stay tuned to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Existing gas taxes are not earmarked for road maintenance as they should be and there's no guarantee that tolls collected would go towards road maintenance either.

If, after reading this, you still support tolls on our highways then you deserve what you get. Furthermore, what guarantees do we have that the toll booths will be taken out once the roads have been built? Absolutely none.

The bond for Chicago's tollways was paid off in the 80's, but those toll-booths have not gone away. The same thing will happen here, I promise you that.

Sal Costello said...



Got any candidates that can haunt Daugherty at the community candidate events for his many poor decisions?




It would be great if you put out the word that I am looking for someone to run for that position. They wouldn't have to agree with the Libertarian Party platform on everything, but at a minimum, they'd have to support these principles:

1) In general favor less government, lower taxes, and less spending.
2) Support the second amendment and generally support the right of individuals to own guns.
3) Support the right of individuals such as gays to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes. They wouldn't have to support government sanctioned gay marriage, and they wouldn't have to support special privileges for gays, and they wouldn't have to condone gay lifestyles, they'd just have to support keeping government out of it.

We just started posting our candidates for state offices here (but don't list county right now) and it will be updated several times most days and I'm recruiting several candidates every day:

We have a fairly organized candidate recruitment machine plus some resources here:


Sal Costello said...

email Wes at:
wesliberty at aol dot com

Sal Costello said...

Wes adds:

Also, you might add that there is no filing fee or petitioning requirements to run as a Libertarian (Dem's & Rep's have to pay filing fees). You can run an entire campaign without spending a dime. Of course raising and spending funds helps.


Anonymous said...

I am GREATLY disappointed in the lack of representation my elected officials, including Gerald Daugherty is providing.

I have paid enough in gas and sales tax to fund public highways.

Daugherty and other tollers are all party to KNOWINGLY MISAPPROPRIATING MY TAX DOLLARS to transform our public highways into revenue generating schemes.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to beat him in the Republican primary, because the precinct is HUGELY Republican. There ought to be enough Republicans pissed off at double taxation to overcome his big money developer base.

Anonymous said...

I just hope and pray there will be another CAMPO vote soon after the elections of 2008!!!(which hopefully will bring forth a radical shift in local transportation politics)

We can't let them get away with turning the majority of Austin's FREEways into tollways!!

We'll have like 9 total tollways if PHASE II actually gets completed! That's just wrong for a mid-sized city the like Austin! What's wrong with these clowns????????

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal,

Why have you not approved my comment? You've approved comments made later in the day.

Apologies if you just haven't gotten to it.
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Sal Costello said...

All comments I've seen today have been approved.