Record Oil Hits $139. Higher Gas Prices Coming!

Oil hit $139 a barrel for the first time yesterday, a surge of more than $10 in one day! Experts say oil could hit $200 a barrel by 2010. Compare that to $28 a barrel in 2004!

Skyrocketing oil prices means YOUR gas prices will be even higher in the weeks and months to come. Some experts say gas prices will hit $8.00 a gallon, as we look ahead.

Got a gas gobbling SUV that costs you $100 or more to fill up the tank? You guessed it, it's now worthless.

Growing high gas prices and new freeway tolling schemes will cripple your pocketbook, if you want to drive anywhere.

Gov. Rick Perry (R) and Sen. Kirk Watson (D) want your family to pay even more of a toll - up to $1.00 a mile for a toll tax - to drive on freeways you've already paid for! Read about it HERE.

Ready for an electric car?


Anonymous said...

got an EVT 48 volt electric scooter from Alien Scooters on Lamar (equivalent to 49cc vespa). I use it to go to the HEB and other areas around South Congress. Although it's not comfortably fast enough to take for work I save a bit of gas and wear on my car by doing local trips with it. Now they sell Zapino 60 volt scooters which are a little more powerful. There's another brand called R-Martin which is electric and supposed to be powerful as well at 60 volts. Check 'em out.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I bought that hybrid a couple of years ago. Got made fun of at first but now people are constantly asking about it.