HB 2006 passed 125-25 in the Texas House and 31-0 in the Texas Senate, but Perry ultimately vetoed it.

By KWTX - (Channel 10)

Statewide Survey Shows Support For Eminent Domain Reform

A statewide survey of more than a thousand city and county officials shows “overwhelming support” for an eminent domain measure that Gov. Rick Perry vetoed last year at the conclusion of the 2007 session of the Texas Legislature, the Waco-based Texas Farm Bureau said Wednesday.

The Farm Bureau, which supported the reform bill, sponsored the survey.

The results of the five-question survey show that more than 95 percent of the officials who responded “favor changes in the law that address the pillars of eminent domain reform: good faith negotiations with landowners, fairer treatment under the law for everyone involved, and a tightening of definitions under which taking of property might occur,” the Farm Bureau said in a prepared release.

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Anonymous said...

What is telling is the county officials (namely, Judges) that did NOT respond.

Anonymous said...

Perry needs to identify all the growth-oriented entities that sent him emails requesting that he veto this bill so that constituents can return appropriate recognization to their elected representatives. Why was this veto not overturned -- insufficient time or just meaningless politico grandstanding?

Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

39% Perry said:

"Leaders of virtually every major high-growth city and county in the state asked me to veto this bill. They recognized, as I did, that this bill would have hindered a local community's ability to manage population growth."

Of Course, many of those 'leaders' are unelected overlords in the fiefdoms of....

-Texas Department of Transportation
-Harris County Toll Road Authority
-North Texas Tollroad Authority
-North Texas Council of Governments
-The Texas Municipal League

On the other hand, some of the SB 2006 opponents ARE elected. I suggest those who are interested ask their local 'leaders' if they lobbied Perry to veto SB 2006 (there may be letters). The news snippets below give us some clues. A few FOI requests might smoke a few more of 'em out of their holes.

The Dallas Morning News

"Officials from Dallas, Denton, Plano, Fort Worth and Frisco were among the dozens of public entities writing the governor urging him to veto the bill, said Mr. Perry's press secretary, Robert Black."


Jun. 03, 2007

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tarrant County is leading the charge against the bill, preparing a letter asking Perry to veto the legislation... 'This will make it more expensive for everyone,' Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley said.... Tarrant County commissioners will vote formally Tuesday on sending the letter to Perry asking for the veto. Whitley said other counties, including Harris and Denton, are expected to follow suit....The Texas Municipal League is urging any cities concerned about the bill to send letters to Perry asking for a veto...'It's much worse than we thought it would be,' said Frank Sturzl, the league's executive director.


By Stephen Palkot
Fort Bend Herald

"Critics such as County Judge Bob Hebert contend Hegar's amendment is vague and opens the door to extensive litigation over the question of so-called diminished access when building toll roads."


Anonymous said...

Has anyone sent in a ireport for Perry being on The Situation Room tonight talking about his support of offshore drilling? I sent one in asking if his support was to increase traffic on the toll roads he so desires and supports.