Critics say moving ahead right now is a slap in the face to the Legislature.

Trans-Texas Corridor moves ahead

By Patrick Driscoll, San Antonio Express-News

The Texas Transportation Commission is poised to pick a developer and authorize a contract today for the latest ire-raising route of the gargantuan Trans-Texas Corridor.

The proposed route of toll lanes, rail lines and utility paths stretches 650 miles between the Mexico and Louisiana borders and skirts within 70 miles southeast of San Antonio. It's one of a network of corridors that could crisscross Texas this century.

Two private consortiums — one led by Cintra of Spain and the other by Zachry American Infrastructure and ACS Infrastructure Development — competed for a contract worth up to $5 million to come up with a financial and development plan within 18 months.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Citizens for a Better Waller Co. meeting in Brookshire this past Monday night, June 23. Sen. Glen Hager said, in so many words, that in compromise to get the SB792 moratorium on TTC69 passed that the area south of Refugio Co. was allowed to opt out.

In other words, there is no 792 moratorium south of Refugio Co. along US77. This is what Txdot is supposedly meeting to contract. But we don't know, really, since all this happens behind closed doors.

Txdot knows what they're doing. They're not violating the letter but certainly the spirit of 792.

The rerouting of 69 is smoke and mirrors. Txdot threw out a bone hoping we would go away, as this has turned into a huge blunder and the politicos were feeling way too much heat.

My feeling is the politicos (the politicos at large, this is not directed at Hegar) are ready to declare victory and move on at the first sign we'll let them. We can't let them declare victory until victory has been achieved.

Victory begins with meaningful eminent domain reform, the repeal of the constitutional amendment allowing private funding of public projects, the prohibition of tolling existing roadways, and the division of Txdot into several Regional Transportation Districts, each with an elected commissioner to serve a two year term.

All the more reason to show up July 15 in Austin at the Sunset meeting and pile on Txdot while we have the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

And, meanwhile, TxDOT has pretty well gone underground with the next step of TTC35. Been real quiet about it for a while, so expect another shoe to drop and tell us what they are going to do. Nothing has changed these people from marching on ahead, just like Uncle Perry tells them to do. Perry is hell bent to make a name for himself, and HE WILL. WORST ANTI-PEOPLE RIGHTS GOVERNOR Texas has ever had. Cut right from the mold of his teacher, GEORGE BUSH. PERRY sees the TTC design as the most futuristic design in highway history, while in fact it is encouraging longer routes, faster speeds, a terroristic dream and doesn't do a thing except take NAFTA trucks off the road and screw a bunch of people out of precious Texas real estate.

Anonymous said...

Well, the constitution upheld my right to keep and bear arms today so that ought to give TXDOT "something" to chew on.....

Anonymous said...

this comes as NO surprise. that idiot piece of SHIT rick perry will do everything in his "power" to keep his promise to his toll road money grubbing butt buddies while he's in office.

it really is so very unfortunate that there were 4 freak'N candidates for governor during the last election. there otherwise would have been a very good chance that perry's sorry ass would have been booted out of office clamoring like the little spoiled brat he is.

we'll see what happens in early '09 as the next legislative session will probably be the most contentious EVER.

Anonymous said...

Well unless there is a repeat of the last race with too many candidates Perry won't get reelected. Also, what is the preliminary info on this July 15th meeting? Will it primarily be protest or will we actually get a chance to speak out against TXDOT and thier corrupt ways?

Anonymous said...

Now this really makes a helluva lot of sense. DWEEB #2 (Prick Perry) sells our precious land to foreign investors while DWEEB #1 (Dubya) gets in front of the media just a month ago and tells the public that we must depend on foreign farm land (China, Mexico) because the US doesn't have enough farmland and food to feed it's own people.

Dubya and Prick Perry are 2 bed buddies to the hilt.