Austin Statesman Goes Ga Ga Over Dallas Magic Money Generator (Tolls)

Read "Toll stash in Metroplex churning out dollars" here.


David Hart said...

As taxpayers, we need to call this what it is... Prepaid taxes for TxDOT collected by NTTA. The State has taken the "cash option" on their winning lotter ticket and we will be the ones buying the losing tickets to pay for their winnings.

TxDOT is selling Texas assets to fund their operations outside the appropriations process. Their motto is "Don't Mess With Texas"...mine is "Don't Sell Off Texas!"

Anonymous said...

What. You thought that TxDot district Auditors are efficient. Yeah right. They are there to do two things. Cover up the crap left behind for D.E.'s and slam down hard on maintenance workers. A 1.5 page report is definitely a joke. But its effective when it clears the bigwigs of there dirty deeds.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, money generator for who and what purpose. None of the normal citizens will see this money put to good use. Only put to the use of buying more fucking tolling equipment and stoplights to dam up existing roads, and more lobbying and lawyer dollars to fuck us harder and deeper in the ass in the courtroom for "violations" I mean negligent computer or camera errors.

Anonymous said...

The mafia generates money too. Woohoo! They steal and whack people! How about cheering them! And Enron! Woohoo! pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Generate money.

The only thing that generates money is the mint. Every other form of money acquisition is either earned or stolen. Electricity is generated. Money is not. Use the word properly, dammit.