What's the latest with Sen. Kirk Waton's Coming Double Tax Freeway Tolls in Austin?

Roger Baker gives us a great report on what the snakes at CAMPO and the CTRMA are up to with the latest set of new freeway toll roads coming to Austin as he gives us insight from The June 25 CAMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting (CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT!).


Anonymous said...

keep vigilant. They may be cooking the books and reporting a "shortfall" to make us lazier and then suprise us with a big punch.

Anonymous said...

i will NEVER understand why the public didn't get to vote on this. why is it that voters have to approve public "mass" transit which only a small minority of people use. YET highways which the clear majority of people use, can be built or converted into tollways WITHOUT any public input whatsoever. doesn't make any freak'N sense!!

Anonymous said...

4:37 - Because there is no money in Mass Transit is the answer to your question. It is subsidized by the Feds and as you said, it is a minority of the public who use it. At least before gas got out of control.

There are billions to be made in the private sector through engineering firms, contractors and banks which make it in their best interest to keep the public out of their "feeding trough" filled with gas tax money. Greed has turned our highway system into a private cash cow.

I feel Roger Baker is right on target with his assesment of the TAC meeting. I will add, it is an effort for CAMPO, CTRMA and TxDOT to "work with the public" while behind closed doors they laugh at the public and continue to work deals which benifit them and developers.

They are frustrated because the public is demanding transparency and they are having difficulty in conducting business as usual.

Keep up the fight to take our roads back and force MPO's, RMA's and TxDOT to listen to the public they which they are suppose to be surving.

Until then, their claims they are working to reduce congestion, improve safety and move goods is lip service and an insult to the intelegence of the public.