Worst. Political. Direct Mailer. Ever.

I just got a piece of negative direct mail from Cid Galindo (City of Austin council member candidate). It's the worst political direct mail I've ever seen! It's so bad, I think it will make you laugh. See the "Anorexic Burglar" direct mailer HERE (and don't forget to vote for Morrison).


Anonymous said...

Although The Austin American Statesman has come out and endorsed Morrison, it has yet to identify candidates' positions on transportation (toll) issues. The Oak Hill Gazette reported (May 9, 2008 issue) that Galindo believes "... toll roads are the only realistic solution to our future transportation needs ... (1) interest-sensitve PRIVATE CAPITAL is involved, so much needed roads come on line much faster than roads built by conventional financing methods ... (2) only those who choose to use toll roads have to pay for them ..." in contrast to Morrison who opposes "tolling existing roads, and toll roads in general." Yesterday, my Caller-ID flagged an unknown phone call from California that turned out to be a pro-Galindo election ad slinging distortion against Morrison to justify voting for Galindo. Galindo epitomizes self-serving special interests buying political influence at any amoral means and cost! Galindo's beliefs and actions infer that Texan politics and economics need be controlled by and profit out-of-staters (who are consorting with him).

Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like any burglar I ever knew! I know the economy is bad now but white collar burglars?