As Gas Cost Rises, Toll Road Use Sinks

By TheNewsPaper.com

"The Spanish toll road operator Cintra Concesiones announced this week that traffic on the Indiana Toll Road fell 10.2 percent in May compared to May 2007 while traffic fell 13 percent on the Chicago Skyway."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah but kirk w's tax subsidies to Cintra will increase to cover their losses. Other businesses go out of business when they don't make their numbers but no, not Cintra. Our tax dollars cover their asses so they can stay in business and tax us more. Facist Cancer at its worst.

Anonymous said...

It's the big banks that win - no matter the outcome. They put together the financing, collect their commissions and move on to the next victim.

Anonymous said...

My intuition- don't allocate your 401k in transportation and infrastructure funds. Cut the tollers off at the source. I am not a fund manager so I don't know if this is 100% correct or not. Research where your 401k money is being spent.