"The governor realizes he has a political problem on his hands."

Perry bypassed business people for transit post

State documents back accusations of political cronyism

By KELLEY SHANNON, Associated Press

AUSTIN — When Gov. Rick Perry chose his former political aide to head the Texas Transportation Commission, he bypassed prominent business people who some legislators say were better equipped for the job, state documents show.

Perry's selection of Deirdre Delisi led to claims of political cronyism. But Perry's office and Delisi herself say she has the policy expertise and legislative experience needed for the transportation hot seat.

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Chris Hammel said...

The history of TxDOT’s long slide into distrust has been the result of carefully handpicked “crony” leadership that has existed on its Transportation Commission and departmental executive levels. Just deposit money in certain re-election campaigns…get on the Commission…if you think the right way. That mentality runs through all levels of Texas and national politics. - Chris Hammel

Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big fuss is, Deirdre has plenty of experience. She knows HOW and WHEN to shut the hell up and just do as she's told. The perfect candidate to head an unaccountable, corrupt, for-profit governmental organization.

Anonymous said...

We need the best business people in the State or country to help run this state. Puppets just can't do what is right because Perry has control of them. He is a master of manipulation, and that is about all. Heaven help us - he can still do a lot more damage before he is voted out of office. There are some excellent business managers around, but none want to get into politics because of the reputation they will get. This state needs a true business man (or woman) and leader that is not afraid of doing the correct thing, regardless if it is politically correct or not. "Damn the politicians, full speed ahead" has to be the attitude, lest we sink in our own mire. Vote people, vote!