Highway commission’s actions on toll roads called ‘meaningless’

David Stall: "The Texas Transportation Commission’s action is as binding as flashy political campaign material.” Read about it HERE.


Anonymous said...

mass transit is the solution to our traffic problems. People will take it.

and comfort and convenience in mass transit is what's needed here in Austin. Push your politicians to build one- they'll piss away our money anyway so let em do it on something that benefits us for once. We'll never be prisoners to toll roads if there's an efficient and ubiquitous train system here that doesn't compete with automobile traffic.

"There are a number of factors. … An obvious one is high gas prices," says Linda Robson of Seattle's Sound Transit. She says the system has added trains

"We're hearing from riders that gas prices got them to consider riding the system," she says. "But what keeps them coming back is service and convenience."

Anonymous said...

I agree with David Stall, I think the prospect of dealing with a half-dozen or more sub-regional planning commissions along the TTC 69 and TTC 35 corridors has them looking for diversionary tactics. Keep in mind, this is a "minute order" from TXDOT and can be rescinded or changed in the future. Where have we heard that before? No, I say press on with the sub-regional planning commissions and make thier life holy hell.