Virginia: Foreign Corporation Gets US Money for Toll Road

A foreign corporation will enjoy 80 years of profit after using $1.6 billion in taxpayer funds to build toll lanes in Virginia. Read about it HERE.


Anonymous said...

The citizens in Washington should protest this. No way. We've stopped tolls in Austin. No reason they can't there.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

I wouldn't say we "We've stopped tolls in Austin".

We've stopped SOME tolls.

But Sen. Kirk Watson is working hard behind the scenes to wash away all our work...he is working to toll 183, 71w, 71e, 290e, and 290w right now.

Anonymous said...

This exemplifies the worst of privatizing transportation infrastructure. This is an affront to citizens' intelligence and epitomizes white collar amoral criminal activity among the tolling consortium. Using tax-payer funding to further toll-tax individuals for the profit of self-serving special interests warrants reactionary civil disobedience if left uncorrected. White collar collaborators need to be incarcerated and their booty returned to tax-payer coffers to be used for the common good of all and not just consortium self-serving special interests. Tolling's highway robbery, fraud and extortion are not just a difference of opinion. As their discretionary spending funds evaporate, citizens are going to revolt and Texas conmen such as Perry, Watson, and Kruse will need to be held accountable locally for their greedy actions that betrayed constituent trust.

Anonymous said...

someone invent the jetpack please before we all go broke