A Round-Up Of 100% Electric Cars, Mopeds & Cycles

A Round-Up Of 100% Electric Cars found HERE and electric Scooters/Mopeds HERE. If you know of a any more recent compare articles please let me know in the comments area. Don't forget to use http://tinyurl.com/. Thanks.


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Here's one Sal:


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beware of battery costs though. I got a used EVT scooter and although it was cheap, 4 new 12 volt batteries cost $600. And many chargers are not "peak detecting." They don't automatically shut off when batteries are done charging. Must be put on a timer. Despite this, the scooter is fun. Now if the feeder roads weren't so dangerous I'd ride more often.

Also check out the Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycle. 92mph top speed, $3500.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

What are your thoughts on the R Martin EVD ($3,400)?

I drove this one today and was shocked at how fast it was:


Anonymous said...

I talked to someone riding one who was stopped at a stoplight near Lamar and 15th. I asked how he liked it and if they really went 50mph. He said yes.

I did not test drive one- tried calling a dealer listed in Austin but they didn't answer the phone nor emails. Found a cheap used EVT on craigslist so I went with that. I feel safe driving around downtown and congress with it but 35mph isn't fast enough for Lamar- especially when there are hills. I wish I would have looked at the R Martin.