82% of Southwest Austin wants a Parkway Over Tollway

A recent telephone poll conducted by Opinion Analysts, Inc of Austin shows that 82% of the residents in Southwest Austin prefer a Parkway over TxDOT’s elevated toll road plan.

Fix290.org has produced a non-tolled plan that costs less, and can be built faster than TxDOT's freeway converting tollway. Fix290.org's solution costs only $100 million, compared to TxDOT's $411 million.

After Fix290.org was formed, the toll lobby and County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty created a pro-toll group that masquerades as a grassroots group called Consensus290 to push for the much more expensive solution - tolls on our freeways.

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Anonymous said...

I hope SOMEONE with at least some tiny hint of integrity at CAMPO or TXDOT takes note of these types of polls.

I bet the same kind of results would also hold true for people against the PHASE II tolling of existing highways. I'm sure the vast majority is against further tollways in Austin. We already have enough!!