Ric Williamson Goes to Washington

A very reliable source tells me that Ric Williamson, the chemically imbalanced head of the rogue agency TxDOT, has been summoned to the principals office. He's meeting in Washington DC today with United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

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Transplanted Texan said...

Hello, Sal. Was Williamson called to the principal's office or did he go to D.C. to plead his case? I'm furious about the TTC. Who in the heck do these politician think they are? Greed is destroying our great nation. If they succeed in building the corridor, the ramifications will damage, if not destroy our entire country. It is absolutely frightening, a nightmare. Our nation's sovereignty is under attack. Tomorrow, Mexican trucks will have free reign of our highways. Heaven help the United States of America and the American people.

Sal, thank you for all that you do and keep fighting.