Some Wealthy & Powerful Drive On Tollway For Free

CBS 11 News DALLAS-- Some very rich and powerful people are getting free TollTags – for life -- with virtually no limits on how many times they can ride for free.

A CBS 11 investigation found Dallas resident Jere Thompson with a free TollTag. He lives in a $1.4 million house, is CEO of a local electric company, and years ago served on the board of the North Texas Tollway Authority [N.T.T.A.]. According to records obtained by CBS 11, Thompson had more than 1200 transactions on the Dallas North Tollway in a recent 12 month period. All of them were free.

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Tansplanted Texan said...

Not surprised. Another corrupt official. Let the peons pay the tolls. Absolutely disgusting!!! Keep up the great work, Sal!