The State of Taxes has run out of Money! (and other tall tales)

The latest Toller scare tactic is the “TxDOT ad” (TxDOT’s public relations campaign) that’s currently running in all the newspapers across the state. Yup, TxDOT is saying they’ve run out of money (again), so we need to use our limited Texas gas tax dollars to shift our freeways to toll roads.

In the Dallas paper, “State running out of cash for new roads”:

Texas will soon run out of money to pay for new roads or bridges, state transportation officials said Thursday.

Within three years, nearly all of the state's construction budget will be spent on maintenance and to pay debt incurred in building existing roads, top officials of the Texas Department of Transportation said.

"The people of Texas need to understand that within a very short period of time, there will be no money for mobility projects," said Texas Transportation Commission member Ned Holmes of Houston
This corruption of our government can be summed up in one word.


And everyone, from the Governor, to Sen. Kirk Watson, to Rep. Mike Krusee and TxDOT are guilty as charged.

Here’s how diversions work. And, how the parasites profit.

The Ledge diverts our gas tax dollars intended for free roads for too many pet projects that don’t include transportation. The President and Congress divert our gas tax dollars into the war and building free roads in other countries like Iraq.

And the largest diversion yet - TxDOT diverts the limited gas tax dollars we do get back - to shift our freeways to toll ways. Once the tolls are placed on our freeways, the tollers admit, they will never be removed. A eternal slush fund for all the parasites in this story, and other vermin like Take on Traffic (Austin Chamber of Commerce). The freeway toll tax will be administered by unelected people who give out NO BID contracts to themselves and freinds (like the CTRMA). And after the freeways are shifted to toll roads, they will be sold to corporations.

Gov. Rick Perry and his appointed holdover, Ric Williamsan at TxDOT profit off the diversions.

Sen. Kirk Watson, a blue democrat and Rep. Mike Krusee, a red republican find the color green in common - as they both profit off double tax tolls - as our families pay more.

The real solutions are simple, but they are not profitable for the crooks above.

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