KXAN EXCLUSIVE Exposes TxTAG Double Charges

There’s no mention of how TxDOT actually arrives at 150 people a day being double billed. There’s no mention about what TxDOT is doing to fix the problem! If they know how many are being double charged, why don't they send refunds in the mail?

"Thousands of drivers pay to use the new toll roads of Central Texas, but if they drive along sections of Loop 1 and state highways 130 and 45, they're prone to pay double.

"It's a timing issue between the tag readers and the cameras that are in the lanes, so it's that software that links the two together where we have a glitch in that software," said Garcia.

According to TxDOT, the software charges about 150 accounts double the required amount daily."


Sal Costello said...


"Notice that stupid idiot TxDOT representative didn't say anything about fixing the problem. Just that 150k go through a day and only about 150 are charged... Gov work at it's finest!"

Anonymous said...

Repeatedly, it is KXAN that exposes the injustices of the toll road system in Austin. Hooray for them...It is the only news channel that has me as a viewer. I hope they keep up the good work, since the Statesman and others are clearly on the side of big buisness, CAMPO, and other pro-tollers.

Sal Costello said...

YES, KXAN has been doing the best job of digging into the bureaucratic waste and lies. Great reporting!

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