Rudy Giuliani Benefits From Sale Of U.S. Highways To Foreign Companies


Anonymous said...

I sent this article to every member of my family. It shows the direction this country is going in. It tells the larger story of what is happening beyond the Texas border. I think this whole thing is a complete disgrace, out to harm the middle class in America, just so a select few rich investors, foreign corporations, and greedy politicians can benefit with even more millions than they already have. Shame on those people who choose excess and greed over the good of mankind! I wish every Texan could read this article before going into the voting booth during the next election. That way, Guiliani would not even get one vote from a middle class Texan (considering he wins the nomination).

Anonymous said...

So, Rudy supports converting existing US highways to privately owned toll roads and would benefit from this. Which other candidates are in the same boat? More importantly, which ones aren't? We need to educate the public and garner support for candidates who want to keep our highways out of foreign hands.