Let's "Tar and Feather those Crooks!" at the Capitol Tonight! Don't miss it!

History will be made Tonight!

6pm - Midnight at the State Capitol

Show up at the Capitol tonight to help stop Senator Kirk Watson from pushing the double tax toll scheme that shifts our Central Texas freeways to tollways!

Watson will steal $700 million in tax dollars (money intended for freeways) for double tax toll roads - if we don't flood the Capitol extension auditorium with concerned taxpayers TONIGHT. MORE CORRUPTION TO BE REVEALED AT THIS MEETING - DON'T MISS THIS EVENT - !

WHERE IS IT? State Capital Extension Auditorium, Room E1.004. Enter the main doors of the Capital, head back to the elevators, go down a level and through the tunnel towards the extension. The auditorium is the first set of doors on your right on the extension side of the tunnel. Bring others! FREE PARKING at 12th and Trinity.


Developers profit by buying cheap land and getting the public to pay for roads to that land. Records from the City of Austin show Sen. Watson is being paid to lobby for numerous developers in Central Texas - all while Watson is chair of CAMPO, an organization that directs billions of taxpayer transportation dollars in Central Texas. A blatant Conflict of Interest.

Tonight at the Capitol

Bring others!

CAN'T COME? Tell all 19 CAMPO board members to "Do NOT spend $700 Million of our tax dollars for monopolistic tolls on our freeways or I will work to remove you in your next election." This ONE email address goes out to all 19 Board members - a couple of them will block you - but your comments will be counted! (please include a subject heading, your name, address so they know you're a real person):

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