Cintra men arrested as Terrorists, later released.

Pennsylvania State police took two men into custody on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and interrogated them for taking photos of toll road facilities over the past several days. Police confiscated their cameras and laptop computers.

"We are treating this as a possible terrorist activity," Turnpike Chief Executive Officer Joe Brimmeier said initially, but it turns out that the two men may have been simply carrying out a work assignment for a Cintra, who is looking into buying or leasing the toll road.

"If we find they have keys to maintenance facilities and they were obtained illegally, we have a big problem," Mr. Brimmeier said. "Otherwise, things may work out for them. But I'm glad we have their cameras and laptops. God only knows who could get their hands on this type of information and what they could do with it."

Gov. Rick "Mr. 39%" Perry, Sen. Kirk Watson and Rep. Mike Krusee were not involved in this altercation.

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