Looter Sen. Watson to Divert $700 Million in Taxes to Toll our Freeways

Watson is a Crook!

The Chair of CAMPO, Senator Kirk Watson, is pushing a double tax toll scheme that shifts our freeways to tollways. The Watson TxDOT toll plan also diverts $700 million tax dollars - intended for free roads - into toll roads. It is important to note that freeways have NEVER been shifted to tollways in the history of our country.

Conventional toll roads across the country have always been built on new land with investor dollars (after the public expressways had been built) so drivers have a choice between the public highway or the toll road. They are taking what is ours to charge us forever, as the tolls will never be removed even after the road has been paid for 100 times over. Don't let it happen, attend T-Day Monday.



Safe from the voters wrath, tollers selected the retiring Austin council member Betty Dunkerley to run interference, and confuse some of our greener folks who sent emails (via campo@austintollparty.com), with a tricky reply that said:

"We are considering tolls on new capacity not old..."

THE FACT IS, the Austin toll plan creates a monopoly by tolling public highways like 183, 71, 290, 45S and MoPAC.

Tollers seek to use our tax dollars (the $700 million) and the right of way we've paid for (Billions of dollars worth intended for our freeways/public highways) - to shift our freeway system into an unaccountable tax system. Period. This is a Double Tax.

These are roads that were always intended to be freeways. Tollers use our money, they use our right of way to charge us again - so special interest pals can profit off our families. There should be no free land and free roads given to toll road interests under the guise of providing maintenance for a bureaucratic double tax.


Help Stop the Double Tax on T-Day!
This Monday, Sept. 10th, 6pm at the State Capitol!
Be there or pay and pay and pay.

T-Day stands for Tolls, Taxes & let's "Tar and Feather those Crooks"!


Anonymous said...

I live in Cedar Park and since the opening of 183A I have driven on that road for only two months while it was free. The day the tolls started I stopped driving it.

I will never get a TX Tag and I will never pay a toll. Tollways instead of freeways are obscene.

I have done the math and 183A would cost our family over $1200 a year to drive regularly. How dare you build a road and make it unaffordable for working families to drive?! You have built a "Lexus Lane" and if you continue you will build a two tiered road system where the wealthy toll road drivers speed past the regular folks stuck on the access roads.
I want all toll roads stopped. Raise the gas tax if you have to but don't charge me to drive my kids to soccer practice.


Sal Costello said...



I am unable to attend meeting, because of physical condition and age.

I only hope you take time to reason, why you are making YOUR decision. Is it to make money or save money?

You were voted into office by citizens, some who depend on you to make the right, moral and conservative decision for the good of our state, our children and generations to come as our forefathers did. That is why
we have always had a great country in the past and will have in the

Greed is not needed or wanted and it can be abolished beginning
with us and make life easier for all.